Reality Check…

20 Sep

R-CALF’s Accusation Against Industry Groups (verbatim from the R-CALF letter and press release):  In their letter, the eight members of the Industry Checkoff Group falsely accused R-CALF USA of stating in a recent letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack that if Vilsack did not comply with the group’s letter, “[R-CALF] will consider joining the lawsuit (the Mike Callicrate v. USDA et al. lawsuit).”

R-CALF says the industry groups’ claim that R-CALF stated it would consider joining the lawsuit against the checkoff is fraudulent and libelous…here’s what R-CALF actually wrote to Secretary Vilsack,,,maybe R-CALF should be objecting to the placement of quotation marks because the group’s comments sure lead one to believe that unless the Secretary of Agriculture complies with its demands it will “join a complaint against” him.

From the R-CALF letter to Secretary Vilsack:  “R-CALF USA is outraged by your inaction – particularly following your receipt of our evidence that showed NCBA had misappropriated hundreds of thousands of cattle producers’ Beef Checkoff funds – and fully supports the merits of the Michael Callicrate v. USDA et al. lawsuit. We trust that you will carefully consider our demand and choose to comply in full.  Doing so will negate the need for R-CALF USA to formally join in a complaint against you.”  

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