Dues Revenue versus Wages…Doing The Math

26 Jan

NCBA’s IRS Form 990 is available in the public domain.  You can find it at GuideStar if you’re so inclined.  

NCBA’s 2010 Form 990 lists the top 16 employees and their salaries.  Sixteen employees pulled down $2.95 million in salaries and benefits in 2010.  The highest salary paid was $356,000.  Total salaries and benefits paid totaled $12.5 million.

Total dues revenue was $3.3 million for the year.  

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One response to “Dues Revenue versus Wages…Doing The Math

  1. Tom

    January 26, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    This isn’t hard to figure out. The beef checkoff is subsidizing another meat packer controlled group masquerading as a producer group.

    After careful study of the history of the poultry industry I have to ask, what else is new? The biggest problem is that most of the producers getting the shaft don’t know how the upper level and therefore governing frauds in the industry are being pulled off. They are so focused on the lower level that the NCBA has tried focus their attention on for their meat packer masters.

    There is no telling how much money the beef producers in the USA have been cheated out of value from meat packers who control this industry. We know that economic analysis in one case puts that at over 4 billion dollars. The substitution of poultry for beef demand is in the untold tens of billions of dollars

    Our government can not enforce the laws of the land that limit their ability to steal value from producers. It has been a legislative and judicial corruption on the grandest scale.

    Just like the AT&T break up, we need to break up the meat packers and not allow them to have substitute meats or more than 10% market one market. Our government must have the theory that they are too big to fail. What they really mean is that they don’t have the courage to govern.



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