Foxes, Henhouses, Big Wheels & Little Dogs…

01 Sep
These two letters to the editor appeared in the Western Ag Reporter out of Billings, MT in recent weeks.  Both are available online.  
The fox is still in the henhouse…

Linda, from what I can read in your August 11 edition of WAR, the fox is
still in the henhouse, pretty much telling CBB what’s what.
After getting rid of CBB personnel they couldn’t dominate one way or
another, it has come to this. NCBA is just like the government. They cannot
be trusted in any capacity. They want to be the big wheel, and we all know
what dogs do to big wheels.
Forrest Baker
Whitehall, MT

Bill Donald, NCBA President, response to Forrest Baker:

Big wheels, little dogs, etc.

Concerning Forrest Baker’s comments in the August 18 issue about NCBA “wanting to be the big wheel,” he is damned sure right! It takes a “big wheel” to haul a big load. NCBA willingly and proudly hauls the big load for the entire U.S. beef industry. While we are aware of what little dogs such as Mr. Baker do on our wheels, we keep them turning to keep the big rig rolling. The good folks who pay into the checkoff deserve no less.
Bill Donald
NCBA President
Melville, MT
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