Why Florida You Ask? There Are 200,000 Reasons

17 Jun

Inquiring minds are wondering why in the world the 2011 Joint Industry Summer Meeting is being held in Florida during one of the hottest months of the year.  Meeting minutes shed a little light on the subject. 

The following section of minutes is excerpted from the CBB Executive Committee meeting minutes of May 20, 2010, which are available on the internet on the Beef Board web site.  The Executive Committee meeting was held at the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Hotel.  

Update on Status of 2011 Summer Conference

Tom Ramey updated the Executive Committee on the status of the 2011 Summer Conference following the CBB Executive Committee’s decision to not meet with NCBA in Washington, DC for Summer Conference 2011 because of the extra costs to the checkoff.

Katherine Ayers indicated that she had refined the cost analysis for meeting in Washington, DC. Following the refinement of her analysis, the extra costs to the checkoff to meet in Washington, DC are approximately $82,000 more than the costs to meet in Denver.

Tom Ramey explained that typically winter and summer meetings are not held in Denver three times in a row and that’s why locations outside of Denver were investigated.

Forrest Roberts, CEO of NCBA, acknowledged to the Executive Committee there had been communication misses by not including CBB in the meeting planning process. He also stated that the contract with the Gaylord property in Washington, DC was a 3-year contract and outlined the following options for moving the meeting to a location other than Washington, DC:

1) Walk away from the contract and pay a penalty of $200,000 to break the contract; 2) Find other Gaylord properties and renegotiate the contract;  3) or Reconfigure the agenda and have policy meetings in DC at the beginning and checkoff meetings at the end of the week.

Chairman Jones asked the Executive Committee for their thoughts and input.

The Executive Committee members asked who would be responsible for the $200,000 penalty owed to the Gaylord for breaking the contract. Mr. Roberts stated he assumed the policy division would be responsible for the penalty because NCBA is the responsible signatory on the contract.

Wayne Watkinson, CBB legal counsel, indicated that the Federation and the Policy Division would be obligated to pay the penalty.

Will Frazee moved and Sid Sumner seconded to have NCBA staff, with the inclusion of CBB staff, renegotiate with the Gaylord Properties for a new location for the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Summer Conferences, and report back to the Executive Committee. Discussion. Motion passed.

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