What Is A False Witness?

15 Jun

When reading this please note that while at the microphone at the meeting Dave asked for a show of hands as to how many Federation Directors were NOT NCBA members.  Only three raised their hands.  In the end, Dave’s motion failed by…you guessed it…80 to 3.

(This article is published on the Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska’s web site).


By Dave Wright, ICON (Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska) President and NCBA Region 4 Director

Many of you know that I serve on the Nebraska Beef Council and as a result I go to the NCBA convention to carry a vote on the Federation. This (past) summer the Cattlemen Beef Board’s (CBB, responsible for oversight the national checkoff funds) executive committee had requested the separation of the Federation (the federation represents 40 of the 45 state beef councils) from NCBA.

This is not what NCBA wanted to hear and it became very evident at the Federation forum.  The leadership showed us a survey of the executive directors on the state beef councils and how they felt about separating from NCBA.  They were overwhelmingly opposed to a separation.  

Then Richard Gebhart from Oklahoma put forth a resolution stating THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, ”The Federation should operate in an independent structure while maintaining the synergies and efficiencies of the current relationship with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and strongly opposes the recent actions of the CBB Executive Committee, including the separation recommendation.”  

I then approached the microphone and asked if you were to survey the citizens of Nebraska and ask them who has the best college football team, what do you think they will say?  NEBRASKA!

If you ask the asked the executive directors from the state beef councils what they think of the CBB recommendation to separate, what do you think they are going to say? NO!

Then I asked for a show of hands those who are not NCBA members, and only 3 raised their hands. So I asked for all the dues paying NCBA members to abstain from voting because of a conflict of interest. I was then informed that they could wear two hats and they would not abstain their vote.

Latter that day CBB had their forum and carried out a discussion on the separation of the Federation. Bob Drake, from Oklahoma started the discussion by saying that the Federation just took a straw poll calling for Independence and self-governance. To which all of the NCBA members in the back of the room applauded and every dues-paying NCBA member on the CBB board used the same words of independence and self-governance when they took their turn at the microphone.

Did you notice that the word self-governance is no where in the Federation resolution? The applause from the back of the room created undue influence on the CBB board members and forced the withdrawal of the recommendation for separation.

The next day at the Directors Meeting , CBB conducted their business first and after they finished, the CBB board of directors left the room. The Federation conducted their business next. The resolution was brought forward for discussion and a vote. Sid Viebrock made a motion to amend the resolution by saying, “ and strongly oppose any effort to sever the relationship.”  I made a motion to amend by changing the last amend to say, “and develop the same relationship, synergy and efficiency with all nonprofit Industry organization that have cattle producers as members.”

It failed 3 to 80, but during the discussion it was stated that this could not happen because the Federation and the NCBA share staff and because of the shared staff there could never be a separation. So we then discussed Sid’s amendment. I asked if everything that happened yesterday was nothing more than a charade, was it all a lie? The next person to the microphone called for the vote and my question was never answered.



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