NCBA Revenues (2008 IRS Form 990)…Smell Something?

10 Jun

Read this and you’ll no longer wonder why NCBA is battling to stay in the driver’s seat of beef checkoff committees, like the “Joint” Budget Committee where NCBA’s POLICY DIVISION holds FOUR of the twelve Seats!  Burning Question:  how can it be that one select policy organization – the one that reaps more than 90% of checkoff project contracts – has a seat on a committee that heavily influences checkoff budgeting and spending?  If this passes the proverbial smell test, why aren’t other policy organizations provided seats on the committee?  Something stinks and it ain’t last week’s fish.

Compare NCBA’s membership dues revenue to all other revenues…(Figures taken from NCBA’s 2008 IRS Form 990)

Beef Promotion and Operating Committee Contracts $35,832,980

State Beef Councils $10,254,288

Sponsorships/Fees $4,133,901

Advertising $746,109

All Other Program Service Revenue $1,243,812

Membership Dues $3,400,614

Rental Income $82,274

Sales Inventory Net Income $501,066

Other Revenues Related to Exempt Functions $501,066

Investment Income $7,362

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