NCBA 2008 IRS Form 990 – Staff Salaries…Lowest Reported Is $165K…NCBA CEO $150,000 Loan!!!

10 Jun

Total Salaries (Base Compensation Plus Benefits) Taken From NCBA’s IRS Form 990 for 2008.  These are key employees and the highest compensated employees for the reporting period.  Keep in mind that your checkoff picks up much of the tab if employees work on checkoff projects.

Kim Essex, Sr. VP Marketing & Communications, $200,558 (includes a $5000 bonus/incentive)

Kendal Frazier, Sr. VP Leadership & Governance, $202,614 (includes a $5000 bonus/incentive)

Richard Husted, Chief Operating Officer, $212,223 (includes a $5000 bonus/incentive)

James Reagan, Senior VP REI, $201,621 (includes a $5000 bonus/incentive)

Terry Stokes, CEO (term ended 1/09), $289,646 (includes a $15,000 bonus/incentive)

Forrest Roberts, CEO (term began 1/09), “employment contract”, $150,000  This one takes some explaining.  Forrest Roberts started his term as CEO in January 2009 and his predecessor, Terry Stokes, ended his term as CEO at the same time.  NCBA’s IRS Form 990 shows the $150,000 for Forrest Roberts as an “employment contract” under “Loans to and/or From Interested Persons.”  Turns out that the $150,000 “employment contact” was actually a loan to Roberts, reportedly to purchase a home.  As the CEO of NCBA, during the most recent reporting year, 70.9% of his salary was paid for by the beef checkoff.  And that, as they say, is the rest of the story.  

Timothy Downey, VP Planning & Administration, $192,823

Donald Ricketts, VP Governance & Federation, $190,061

Mark Thomas, VP Global Marketing, $192,014

G Ashby Green, VP Producer Education, $172,400

Marvin Kokes, VP Corporate Relations, $179,735

Rick McCarty, VP Issues Management, $168,128

Mary Young, VP Nutrition, $174,146

Jay Truitt, VP Government Affairs, $165,542

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